Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milwaukee Regional

We had a BLAST at the Stampin' Up! Milwaukee Regionals!!!
Here is a picture of us:

Those pink hats made it SO easy to find our group in the sea of 500 stampin' ladies!

Check out these SUPER CUTE magnet boards that Kelly gave each one of us for attending.

I have already purchased the flashing to make more!!

Here are the 3D/WOW items from the swap I hosted.

Clockwise from the top left: Mini Rag Bag (Me), Tote Purse (Linda), Cute Box with two mini milk cartons inside (Cathy), Tess Calendar (Kelly), and the adorable Punch Art Frog card (Donna).

All the pieces to make SIX of the Mini Rag Bags, die cut and sewn...

...and assembled!!

And Finally.... The HIT ITEM of the day...

(with side pockets)
Check out the dividers that I put in it!!

I wish I would have taken a picture of ALL the ladies
taking a picture of my bag.

It was CRAZY!!!

I LOVE Stampin' Up! demo's!
They are so nice and asked "permission" to take pictures of my bag.

Silly me, I brought along my business cards to hand out...
Yep, thats them in the side pocket yet. I completely forgot to hand them out!!!

Thanks for stopping by...


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